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Discount Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses

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In recent years, high temperature, higher, we get more of the intense sun. oakley sunglasses flak jacket High-speed traffic police, a number of accidents caused by wearing the sunglasses, it was found that you want to give your reminder.

Yesterday, 13:10, glare of the sun, both within and outside of the tunnel because there is a he, to put on sunglasses Shen master the long Hangzhou highway in Hangzhou Baizhang tunnel direction, the lime from Angelina in Hangzhou direction carry driving a truck strong light and oakley flak sunglasses dark contrast, under the coveted indication that the fight panic slam the brakes is Shen master, it is not possible to distinguish the previous situation, the result is a hit to the wall of the tunnel, final generally to, you can be trailer towing vehicle only.

Hangzhou high-speed traffic police of peeling Wu police, in the season of summer, the weather is becoming glare of the hot sun, it was stated that increased situation drove over the sunglasses. Mountain road of Zhejiang highway, for example, in the 53 km long Hangzhou high-speed Hangzhou section of the total flak jacket oakley sunglasses length of the tunnel, it will have a 6-10 km, the longest 8 or nearly 3 kilometers of mountain tunnel, more complex linear It is the structure.

When the driver enters the great location of tunnels and dark contrast, we, the high concentration of attention advances to maintain open car headlights, Zhaixiamojing, discount oakley flak jacket sunglasses you must slow down. Of the tunnel at the time, the sun there is a strong need to wear sunglasses. If no sunglasses, you will be able to accommodate more than flashing the sudden glare.

Police, since UV filter function is only interested in the plating film, the color is darker, the better a non sunglasses, the driver has suggested that it is possible to select a gray lens sunglasses. Especially open long-distance driver, strong color from the sun is too dark oakley flak jacket sunglasses cheap sunglasses to the tunnel, the more eye fatigue, if more dangerous.