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It is in order to protect the eyes, if it is decorated with the selection of the normal color film on the line, regardless only the color depth of the lens affects the absorption of UV resistance of visible light, then the polarization We recommend the oakley oil rig sunglasses cheap purchase of the lens. However, polarized lens of different colors, have different functions:

Pink and scarlet: Under the glare of the case, that it is possible to improve the contrast and sharpness are very suitable for water sports and snow events, it is very strong.

Brown or brown: so you can increase the contrast of the colors, to become the first choice of the lens during operation.

Amber, yellow or orange: a cloudy day is very fit to wear, oakley oil rig sunglasses but you can have a very clear vision, it is not suitable for use under strong sunlight.

Gray or dark green: Depending on the material to retain the original natural color, it is a good choice.

Third, the frame

Sweet round face

Cute round face taboo round for the cat's-eye sunglasses of choice mirror to count the sunglasses, most of the same type of small partners of the round face and end a square or sunglasses longer support the discount oakley oil rig sunglasses contours of the face.

High cold Square Face

Whether it is square or rectangular, as long as the character is facing a small square of partners, sunglasses of the elliptical arc line can be such a soft face of the line, select the round, please stay from a distant box sunglasses.

Face of HajimeHajimemomo of heart

Heart face is a very beautiful face, the upper half of the United States, faced with the chin and another sharp cone that has the face of the oval, round, but square sunglasses is appropriate, the width of the lens of the temple shall not exceed the cheap oil rig oakley sunglasses width, the frame is slightly wider.

Face of the diamond-shaped

Face of the diamond-shaped, usually, is a narrow forehead and chin, cheekbones partial width for the changed select large frame covered cheekbones the face, you will be able to select the top relatively wide frame, cat's eye-shaped the diamond-shaped face are particularly suitable.

Beauty standard Oval

Oval face corresponds to the face of the almost perfect oval model most, but should be able to manage, does not select the slim spectacles, face appear longer. Are you wide mirror most suitable, in the horizontal direction, you can cheap oakley oil rig sunglasses be faced with changing the serious face of visual oval extending!