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Real Madrid broke the final spell athletics at the Bernabeu (seven games, a A of more than 14 years of experience with) on Wednesday night, when it is getting better team again, cheap real madrid jersey really in last year's final in Lisbon important and Simone,.

In the UK, all of Super Bowl, Atletico Madrid, again on top of the Champions League, it will not be able to truly meet the campaign Rojiblancos, they'll give up a third in the league. Carlo Ancelotti's team, but you can continue the dream of holding imitate the highest award in real madrid jersey for sale Europe as a player with Milan from 1989 feat of 1990 Italy. This does not have a display of vintage by any means, well it is not just good, you do it only fine half in white Real Madrid.

Stunning skill 4-3-3 is sent in the middle of a Sergio Ramos really found that is saturated the pressure of the crowd, Atletico, be the host back glued only when, about 20 I played the same card the minute mark in the second half push. Arda Turan Atletico is good by Javier, and ultimately goal of display "Little Pea" real madrid jersey cheap Hernandez a red card that did not also true is that to reach the fifth consecutive season and won in Europe's elite tournament semi-finals.

Captain, but a lot of work did not have to do the courtesy of his defender, that he will marshal the high ball, his defense was not able to punch out cheap real madrid jerseys dumping in moss in the first half of the foot, and co-warning Sergio Ramos that could not, he was led to almost loose ball, I say that the future of cross. However, he Jesús Gámez are well captured by the half-hour mark, we believe second to deny moss.

Remaining Carvajal to have lively early after the weekend and placed in early decent cross Hernandez. Right guard, Spain, although excellent, his international team mate moss 23 minutes blocking Wholesale real madrid jersey diving challenge, and I will provide the right of Atletico thorn in the entire attack.